Monday, January 21, 2008

Bug Labs lähestyy pikkuhiljaa olemassaolevaa tuotetta

 Kirjoitin aikaisemmin Bug Labsin avoimesta laiteympäristöstä. Muutkin ovat aiheesta kirjoitelleet, assemblix väitti marraskuussa palikoiden ilmaantuvan joulumarkkinoille. Gizmodon mukaan kauppa aukeaa tänään (wi-fi kuulemma puuttuu).

Aukihan tuo näyttäisi olevan, tilatakin saa, kannattaa kuitenkin huomata että siellä lukee että pre-order only. Perussetti näytäisi maksavan 549$, joten mikään ihan halpa lelu ei ole kyseessä.

Laiteblogi jää vielä seurailemaan tilannetta, emme selvästikään kuulu Early adopterien joukkoon.

Ohessa tiedote jonka sain sähköpostiini:

t's been a while since the last update, but now that we're settled with CES and on our way into 2008, we'd like to give you an update of what the BUG team is up to.

1) The BUG store is open today! After several years of developing BUG, we launched the online store this morning with great anticipation. Today we begin taking pre-orders for the BUGbase and the initial four BUGmodules (camera, GPS, motion sensor, touchscreen LCD), and we'll begin shipping by March 17. To buy your BUGbase and BUGmodules, or even the BUGbundle package (priced at $549 for early-adopters, a 22% savings), visit, or read more at the blog

2) Dragonfly, the BUG SDK, is available for download. Want to play with the BUG before you buy it? Have mad crazy Java skills to boot? With Dragonfly, you can create your BUG application, test it on the virtual BUG emulator, and upload it to BUGnet, the collaborative online community for BUG developers. To download and install Dragonfly, head on over to our "Getting Started" guide at

3) Finally, CES 2008 was a phenomenal success! Bug Labs was very well received by the crowd and the team was busy for four straight days showing demos and talking all things BUG. Along with winning a CNET Best of CES award, we also received a great deal of coverage from bloggers and press attending the show. You can read up on the latest at

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